A Brief Overview of K2 Compliance

Interactive dashboard

When you log into K2 Compliance™ you will first notice its interactive dashboard. The dashboard gives you a summary of all your compliance related tickets sorted by priority (Level 1 Department Summary, Administrative, Following, and Action Summary). You'll be able to see the total amount of tickets and their priorities, which of them are overdue, and how long they have been overdue. 

Navigational tool

The easy-to-use navigational tool is located on the left-hand side of the solution page. This tool lists everything K2 Compliance™ provides for you and your organization. Every feature that K2 Compliance™ has to offer is filtered and provided on the navigational tool. Once you click a feature within the list, you will change the screen to that respective feature.


Track and monitor processes

K2 Compliance™ can ensure that all necessary actions are undertaken and enforce and control processes. Tracking and monitoring of processes and approval checkpoints guarantee that assigned actions and information are not overlooked, missing or incorrect. Good people make mistakes… K2 Compliance™ is an organization’s safety net to manage and mitigate the same if and when they occur.


step-by-step improvement

One of the tenants of a sound Six Sigma methodology is to analyze any process and look for improvement to gain operational efficiencies. Inherent within K2 Compliance™ is the ability to review all “steps” of the defined process, reviewing all of the factors in the workflow to remove bottlenecks, eliminate waste, and reduce the probability of errors. The purpose is to review the process for completeness and accuracy. K2 Compliance™’s™ overall aim is to check that the provided action or information meets the set requirements. Targeting and achieving a compliant state is time consuming… the compliance software used to manage these compliance efforts shouldn’t be.


Business You control

K2 Compliance™ follows a consistent approach by requiring frequent approvals after important actions and at major checkpoints. K2 Compliance™ can guarantee that new employees follow the procedure and don’t make costly mistakes. It also ensures that all employees cannot compromise sound business practices by bypassing newly employed procedures in the workflow.


Keep Stakeholders Accountable

K2 Compliance™ can assist with identifying the responsibilities and duties of those that work for the corporation and ensure management is engaged in order to keep stakeholders accountable for all assigned actions and tasks. Documentation that is clearly associated with these compliance efforts and results can be stored within the solution and disclosed to those individuals within the company that have authorized access to the information


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