KANBAN Board Interface

Our interactive KANBAN board interface allows an organization to optimize and manage workflow. Supervisors are able to physically see and review the current status on any compliance activity or project.

The board organizes each action visually into five categories; Created, In Progress, On Hold, Waiting On Customer, and Completed. When creating or editing any action, the user can select where they want to categorize it. The interface also includes an easy-to-use drag and drop feature. Waiting on a client or employee to finish their assigned process? Simply click on the action that you want to move and drag it across to the Waiting on Customer column. When "dropped" the user will be prompted to fill-in and edit the action accordingly with a small description.

On the left hand side the user will be able to see every action they edit, what the edit occurred, who made the edit, what the edit was, and how long it took that person to complete it. If you make a mistake on an edit, you can simply click on the trashcan icon on the bottom left and delete that action edit.