K2 Compliance™ Controls

The frameworks within K2 Compliance house both the controls and their respective templates. When you start a project within K2 Compliance™ you choose exactly which controls you want to include while being able to review any previously completed control assessments. If you have had a project in the past that has used similar controls, K2 Compliance will realize this and save you time by auto-populating that control within your framework.


Control template

If you don't have a project in the past that has a similar control, however, you can quickly add the specific information you need in the control template area. Before releasing our product we studied different policy controls to determine the best way to automate it. The result is a control template editor that allows you to change how the control is automated.

If you want to edit which section goes where when it is automated, you have the ability to do it right from your web browser. The template text box highlights the areas that will be automated and these can be replaced, adjusted, and created however you see fit.


individual control document

The document will then be automated and generated into the most common .doc format and be automatically downloaded. Once opened, you will see that all of the bracketed sections that you edited in the template has now been auto-populated with the information that you originally put into K2 Compliance™.

The cornerstone of K2 Compliance is it's ability to remember the controls that you created in the past as a way to save you time and automate the entire compliance process.