Company & client database

We understand how important it is to keep up with and track the companies and clients you are in contact with. It can be a long and painful process trying to fumble through clunky programs that aren't built specifically for contact management. That's why we've crafted a company and client database within our solution. Manage all of your existing clients and prospects information all in one place. Import all of the information you deem necessary into our interactive interface which can house as many contacts as you need. Multiple contacts that are from the same company can be housed together, further optimizing the process of finding the exact contact you are looking for.


Employee listing

We've taken our database technology a step further by allowing you to track your compliance environment. As a compliance officer, it is extremely important to understand what policies your employees have and haven't agreed to. You will no longer have to search through overflowing email inboxes and search queries for compliance information because you can house all of the necessary information within K2 Compliance™. Sort employees by their name, title, phone number, policy category, ticket status, due date, and resposnibility level.