Compliance breaches are more common than you think. Info Security Group states that over the past 12 months 70% of companies have had a breach in compliance.

The Cost of a Breach

According to IBM's Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is $221 per record. How many records do you  have? How do you budget for a breach?

Empower all employees to become compliance heroes by deploying clearly defined procedures, ensuring mission critical policies are followed every time. 

K2 Compliance™ combines effective quality tools with the principles of Lean Management to create a comprehensive compliance platform.

Breaches Effect Everyone

Breaches don't solely effect the originating company, they also have a negative effect on your organizations relationships with vendors and contract management. 

These relationships benefit your customer by keeping within your contract with compliant vendors while not disparaging your business relationships. K2 Compliance™ will ensure that these relationships stay intact.

Common Reactions to a Breach

  1. As a Compliance Officer, you would be concerned with "How do I respond?"
  2. As a Security Officer you'd want to know, "How did it happen, and how can I stop this from happening again?"
  3. If you're like our President or CFO, you'd ask, "How much is this going to cost us?"

How can Breaches be avoided?

Every effected organization must comply with a multitude of codes and regulations. K2 Compliance™ cuts through the red tape, documenting all policies and procedures while keeping logs on employee effort.

Every employee must be told about compliance in order to avoid a breach, K2 Compliance™ will implement the necessary processes to educate and train them

Our innovative software platform enhances compliance efforts by promoting an action based platform.
— Chad Trownson, CCO